Thursday, July 3, 2014

First track from upcoming album

One year ago in this day, we are started work with our first full-length album 'The World of Retribution'... and now we are ready for demonstrate first track from this album. For more news follow us on Facebook

  1. Desperation
  2. Ritalin
  3. Regret
  4. Fatality
  5. Desolation
  6. The End
  7. Loneliness
  8. Lie  
lyrics by Astaroth

illusion of happiness is so unbearably beautiful
but short-lived...
particles of joy inside me
fall so quickly...
they fill my blood, making me better,
but not for long...
voices of angels pleasant tickle the brain,
but it will be over soon...
air flows from flapping their wings caress the skin,
but this is not always...

reproach in your eyes burned my back
but now it does not matter
Who are you to judge me?
you can not look into his soul, but delve into my

huge world will reduced to the size of the pupil
and will return to the previous...
trembling will leave
All will become clear
but to go back there?

He is here again... with me...
and no one else...
and do not need anyone
nice weight in the hand.
my laughter
angel kisses my temple
by nine grams kiss

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